Quixor Flex Systems, Ltd.


Since 1993 Quixor Flex Systems has been in the business of building quality software. Reliability is always the first priority, but true quality means that all aspects of doing business must be balanced. When you contact us your needs will be carefully reviewed in order to find the most effective and least expensive solution to your business problem. We will only accept a project when we have complete confidence that a successful solution will be delivered, on time and on budget.

Together with our partners, we can deliver and support hardware and networking solutions that are particularly well suited to small to mid-size business. The primary tools we use include: MS Access, C#, ASP.NET,Visual Basic and Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Access.)

Our commitment does not end with the completion of your project. Prompt ongoing support and enhancements are always available. Our software will grow and evolve along with your business.

Quixor Flex Systems, Ltd. We'll be there for you.

Ray Valenti
President & Developer