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We provide consulting services and custom software to a diverse client base from the manufacturing, medical, financial and educational fields in the Northeast Ohio area. Our goal is to combine the latest in proven technologies with fast personal service. With a Quixor software product you are never on your own when it comes to ongoing support and enhancements.

ms access & office development

Access KeyOne of our most frequent requests is for MS Access projects. We have a specialty in this area. Access is included with the MS Office suite and starting a new project by designing a table and using a wizard to generate a form is a snap However...

Why Access?

Access is the fastest way to develop a working application. By integrating the database engine, form and report designers and the VBA language into a single product the developer can prototype a new product more quickly that any other platform.  For small to mid-size business Access provides excellent results.

Where to start

Whether you have an existing database that requires updates or your growing business requires a new solution we can help. Contact QFS today for a free assesment of your needs.